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Meet Leo

Hey there!


My name is Leonard Row (but please call me Leo), I own I Just Love My Photos in Sacramento, California. As the name of my company implies, I love taking photos!! It started early with my mom's old film camera, she would photograph everything and everyone. She taught me that photos are one of the very best ways to remember the events and people in our lives. As a result, I very rarely am without a camera.


It's my goal for you to receive the best service from me and capture some timeless memories you'll cherish for a lifetime! To make the experience easy and fun for you, I have completed MANY hours of baby safety, handling and photography training. Also I have logged several years interning and second shooting under various other experienced photographers.

I have photographed products, weddings, events, celebrities, concerts, portraits of subjects of all ages both indoors and outdoors. I am experienced with both natural and studio light. But enough of all that technical mumbo jumbo, I love what I do, and I want to work with you! 

Talk to me and let's take some great images! 


PS, that baby I am holding is my second cousin Niko. He's four years old now. Time sure does fly!


The Studio!

Located in the Tahoe Park area near East Sacramento, the studio is a cozy 600 square feet. It doesn't have to be huge with my teeny tiny clients though, does it? I have several rooms dedicated to creating portraits. With it being so hot this summer, another feature I love about this place is that its got central heat and air. Throughout the rooms you will see beautiful heirloom samples of wall art. Take your time, look at the canvases and leaf through some of the albums. I designed the studio for you to have a wonderful experience.


Here are a few images of the studio. I can't wait for you to enjoy a nice cold beverage, have a chat and let's plan your session today!

Photography Studio
Prop Closet

This is the front room. Hardwood floors, comfortable seating and a variety of backdrops. Here's where you'll take family photos with your precious new baby.

This closet has our wraps, backgrounds, props and accessories. So many different colors and textures. Tons of options for you to find something you will love!

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