Hospital Visit

Those first 48 hours. Bonding. Getting to know that precious new life that up to now has been up to now a promise of the future. Now your newborn baby is here, and you get to fall in love with all those tiny features. Those new little sounds. It is a rush of visitors, doctors, nurses. Before you know it, appointments are scheduled, somebody brings up a carseat, and you will be on your way home. Did you get some photos? Undoubtedly your cell phone is full of them. Now imagine if you had somebody taking the photos for you. Capturing those memories so you can just take them in. 

That's what I will do for you. Those moments when friends and family come to enjoy your sweet little bundle of joy. When your other kids climb into the bed and meet their new little sister or brother. You get to experience this without having to reach for your camera. Your phone. Then a short time later, you get to relive all those memories in the pictures I give you. Share them with the people who are important to you. That is amazing. That is priceless. That is the fresh 48. Contact me and lets plan a Hospital Visit.

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