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Family Photos

When was your most recent family photo? Is it hung over the mantle? In a place where you can see it everyday? In this really fast paced time, we have so many things going on, it is easy to make other things a higher priority. The tradition of the family photo is quickly being relegated to a quick smartphone capture. In a pinch, that is okay. But, when we go to our grandparent's home, we see the prints hanging in the hallway, or up over the fireplace. We get that twinge of nostalgia. We see our uncles, our cousins, our brothers and sisters. We think about what was going on when that photo was taken. That's where I come in. I am Leo, and I want you to have those kinds of feelings when you look at the family photos I will take for you. Invite me to a get together. Or lets meet at my studio. However it happens, lets just get together. I will help guide the family into place, I will make sure nobody is hidden behind somebody else. The kids will pay attention and look at me, I will jump up and down and make funny noises to be sure of that. I will take plenty in case somebody blinks. Then you go back to your party, confident that I will select the best images and deliver them quickly. You can even have me print out the best ones on canvas, or archival paper so you can hang them with pride in your home. Contact me and lets do some family photos. We are way more than Newborn Photos!


I bet you'll show them off and say, "I Just Love My Photos!"

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