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Is there anything more special than the smile of your baby? No way!! That's why you should book an appointment for me to take their photo. Whether we go outside to a beautiful park, or we all meet at my studio in East Sacramento, one thing is for sure. We are going to take some adorable portraits. When we start up some music, make some silly sounds, we start seeing some smiles and addicting laughter. Don't worry about your shy one, we will work our way to some great pictures. I have a great selection of props to make our subject even more adorable. Or we can keep the focus right on them and skip the props. It's up to you. My photography skills and your little one ensure a wonderful experience and some great photos you can brag about and show to your friends and family. I can even print the photos for you. I offer a selection of archival prints and amazing canvas. They last a long time so you can relive these amazingly quick-moving moments in your life! Contact me and lets make an appointment for some great baby photos!

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